Rocky Mountain Front
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Meadows Ranch its start with Hancock horses in the early 1980's when we took in a 1977 stud colt to ride for a friend. After a nice start and advancing quickly into general ranch work, we decided he was a horse for us to keep and move on with. Super Cowpoke's big suit was disposition. He worked hard. Everyone could ride him, including our children, and could get the job done. In addition to his excellent disposition and work ethic, he was a very good looking blue roan with a lot of bone and excellent feet. He seemed to pass all of his traits to his colts, including a lot of eye appeal.

A number of our present broodmares are his daughters, most of which we have started as saddle mares before putting them into the breeding band. Over the years we have purchased and introduced into our bunch a number of good young horses from the Voss program at Gordon, Nebraska. These people have demands similar to ours and these horses have done well for us. Our ranch-raised horses work for a living. They also fit into the public's demand for gentle and sound performance horses with a broad range of abilities. The roan color on a fair percentage is an attractive and sought option.

After 25 years of ranch work and breeding, Super Cowpoke passed away in 2002. Our present stud, Moon Ambrose, has allowed us to continue our Hancock program.

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